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I love Spring Break.  I first started going to spring break when I was in high school.  I fucked the hottest girl from my home town the first night of Spring Break.  It was amazing!  No dating for months.  No meeting the parents.  No bullshit.  Just 2 horny kids fucking because it was Spring Break!  I decided right then, that I was never going to miss another Spring Break.  In fact, I wanted my whole life to be like Spring Break.  For the past decade, I have been documenting my life, and the lives of the crazy party people that I hang out with.  I have filmed hundreds of hours of behind the scenes party footage, and I will constantly update this site with my favorite clips.  If you love real amateur girls getting wild and naked for the first and possibly only time on video, then welcome to my life....Welcome to Spring Break Life!   Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Wet T
Stephanie H 11/04/2015
University Area Hangout wet tee shirt contests were always fun, especially during Spring Break! Our few regulars mix in with the local college coeds and the dj's giant natural breasted girlfriend. It all begins with some classic wife beater tees a kiddie pool and a few pitchers of water. In the words of The Cowboy "Were gonna have ourselves a titty contest" If you like large breasted college chicks join today!

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Flashing on Duval Street During Fantasy Fest
This Holiday is perfect for this event. What time of year do hot chicks get to dress up like total sluts and get a way with it? Halloween, Yes its that time of year again and what better place to visit then legendary fantasy fest in Key West. See what Duval street has to offer as sexy exhibitionists party half naked in the street. Other girls not naked we ask to flash for beads. I love this event join today, and I am sure you will too.

Tags: Blondes, boobs, Brunettes, Fantasy festival
I Love Mardi Gras
Nikki, Shay Lynn 10/28/2015
Mardi Gras one of my favorite parties, after watching you will know why. The street sweeps you in a barrage of flashes and then I come back to the hotel room to half naked chicks. We have Tiffany on the bed in the hotel room and then we get two of our superstars to come through Shay Lynn and Nikki. They both love to work the crowd from the hotel balcony. Lots of beads exchanged for some quality titties in this update join today for this and many more great Mardi Gras updates

Tags: Ass, big tits, Black, Black hair
Anal Masturbation on a Pool Table
Holy kinky shit ass mister pool man!!! This girl is hot and got an edible butt hole. she was shy the whole time during our shoot but damn who the fuck cares if she stick a dildo up her but and masturbates from the camera. The whole point of this video is her getting off and cumming for the camera man with a little extra on top. so there you go.

Tags: Anal, Anal masturbation, Brunettes, Busty
Kidnapping Kansas Girls on Spring Break
Ashley, Sharee 10/21/2015
So after successfully picking up Sharee and Ashley one night on spring break with the limo, we then go over to the condo where they are staying and they get their stuff. Everything you see with these two girls on my site can be attributed to the randomness of spring break from nights like this. They pack up all their clothes and get back in the limo to continue to party. Join to watch this epic moment in hook up history today!

Tags: blowjob, body, boobs, Brunettes
Fantasy Fest Body Painted Milfs in the Street
Fantasy Fest in Keys West has been one of my favorite parties for a long time. Every year tons of hot exhibitionists hit Duval street and the surrounding bars. Lots of costumes and scantily clad swingers, strippers and more. This is one of the best public nudity parties that you will ever experience. Lots of women are just wearing body paint. Join now to take in the fun from one of my favorite Florida hot spots.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Flash and Glass Dildo Masturbation
Laikyn 10/14/2015
One of the first times I ever filmed Laikyn was here at my old Ybor apartment. Her large natural breasts are pierced and fun to watch her play with after she takes that tight corset off. She shows her juicy ass and meaty pussy then uses a glass dildo to give a blow job demonstration then uses it to penetrate and pleasure herself on the leather couch. Join now for this all natural blonde hottie!

Tags: Blondes, boobs, Busty, Lingerie
Masturbation and Anal Toy
Cute American has a luscious set of big titties and an ass that looks perfect when it is cupped by a thong. The cum craving coed is an expert at slipping her hand between her thighs to fondle her lusty bare clit, but when she really needs to get off she uses a two dildos to finish the job.

Tags: Anal, Anal masturbation, bedroom masturbation, Brunettes
Club Girls Booty Shake up the skirt
Allie, Catherine 10/07/2015
Catherine, Allie, Kristen, Jenny and friends go out the club to tear up the dance floor and they dance in their hot skirts, tight shorts and sexy dresses. I never mind sexy girls dancing on especially when they let me film up their skirts exposing their sexy lingerie. Kristen has the most beautiful natural breasts, I get her to flash me them in the stairwell. All of these girls are very good at sexy dancing.

Tags: Blondes, boobs, Brunettes, Busty
Club Girl Masturbates
Getting her bare pussy off with a lusty finger fucking is priority number one for this party girl coed. The blonde peels off her sultry lingerie, and then spends a few moments fondling her puffy nipple small boobs before reaching down to give her greedy fuck hole the attention it craves.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, blonde, Blondes, body
Flashing Fingering and Anal Brunette in Public Around Tampa
This one is like the previous ones with extra craziness that she loves doing. which is being in public and flashing herself for the camera. Notice the people in the background sneaking a peak at her boobs. I tried to fuck her in this video but decided to keep it for our next shoot.

Tags: body, boobs, Brunettes, Busty
Lotion Rub Down then Sexy Shower
This is all what I have been waiting for a true American hottie with a mesmerizing smile. She rubs the lotion and gets in the shower then she shows off her goodies. she's got a D sized boobies with some ass in the back, And the best part of all that she's friendly as fuck. Watch her striping off for the camera!!

Tags: back, big tits, blonde, Blondes
Hot Vegas Masturbation
This Vegas hottie is a cock crazed coed who will do whatever it takes to bring herself to climax! Check her out as she strips down to nothing and flaunts her juicy assets before settling down with a glass dildo for some masturbation fun time in her bald fuck hole.

Tags: big tits, blonde, Blondes, body
Naked Wet Poolside Teens Ass to Mouth and Other Craziness
Hell yeah Ass to fucking mouth at the poolside. Not one girl not two but more than that all getting crazy together at my Tampa house. That day was one of these days when you bring a bunch of girls give them non alcoholic drinks and set them free around your house and see what happens when things get crazy.

Tags: big tits, blonde, Blondes, body
Hot Coeds Anal and Pussy Masturbating in Limo
Jenny C, Sharee 09/16/2015
Jenny, Tessa and Sharee take a ride in the limo during spring break We get them to flash us their titties and hot tanned asses. Some of the greatest footage ever was filmed in this limo. The reason why: The limo itself was a better party then the actual party. Since its a private vessel you can pretty much do what ever you want in there. Which includes having a limo loaded full of beautiful young women who love to get naked and finger themselves for your viewing pleasure. Join today!

Tags: girl kiss, masturbate, masturbating, nude
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