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I love Spring Break.  I first started going to spring break when I was in high school.  I fucked the hottest girl from my home town the first night of Spring Break.  It was amazing!  No dating for months.  No meeting the parents.  No bullshit.  Just 2 horny kids fucking because it was Spring Break!  I decided right then, that I was never going to miss another Spring Break.  In fact, I wanted my whole life to be like Spring Break.  For the past decade, I have been documenting my life, and the lives of the crazy party people that I hang out with.  I have filmed hundreds of hours of behind the scenes party footage, and I will constantly update this site with my favorite clips.  If you love real amateur girls getting wild and naked for the first and possibly only time on video, then welcome to my life....Welcome to Spring Break Life!   Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Sexy Waitress Fucks Herself with Dildo
Ashley Grace 02/15/2019
Ashley Alexis a hot slut who is horny all the time comes to the studio for a shoot. She shows off her deep throat dick sucking skills on a purple dildo. We ask her about all of her sexual preferences and experiences and it turns out she is quite the freak. She plays with her pussy and her pierced nipples. At the end she uses her dildo to thrust deep into her wet pussy as she massages her clit with her hand until she orgasms!

Tags: Brunettes, masturbate, masturbating, naked
Cute Raver Chick Fingering Herself in Public
Angelica 02/12/2019
Hot emo chick Angelica gets naked in historic Ybor City, on the way she plays with her supple breasts in the passenger seat of my car. She has pasty white, smooth skin with nice tits and A phat booty. She gets naked and spreads her cheeks on a private back balcony. We walk around to some different bars and I get her to flash and play with her pussy in the parking lot. Check out this sexy gothic chick with her ba-dunk-a-dunk!

Tags: Brunettes, Busty, masturbate, masturbating
Bouncing Boobies Cute Brunette Girl
Zoe 02/08/2019
Zoe a cute Russian american girl goes on a public plashing adventure with me. She chats with me about life and politics, her tits bounce as we go over bumpy streets downtown. She gets naked at a public park, downtown, and on Bayshore blvd. She finger bangs her big meaty pussy as she lifts up her school girl skirt in public. Back at the studio on the casting couch she shows us how she likes to pleasure herself by rigorously rubbing on her clit.

Tags: Ass, masturbating, Public Nudity
Pee Behind the Bleachers
Kacey 02/05/2019
Kacey has to go pee really bad while we are out on a shoot, so she finds a good spot behind the bleachers at her school to let loose. Later in the back seat of the car she gives a blow job demonstration on a glass dildo then uses it to penetrate her pussy. She shows off her sweet ass while she bends over the back seat. Its nice to see a college girl get naked on her own campus.

Tags: Brunettes, masturbate, naked, nice
Twins Playing with Big Boob Friend
Holly, Molly 02/01/2019
Super hot identical twins Holly and Molly bring a friend back to the studio for a naked shoot. They slowly undress out of there sexy lingerie. These sexy coeds all have nipple piercing done and super bubbly attitudes. Interviewed by a camera women, they really have fun giggling and showing off their super hot tanned asses.

Tags: Blondes, Brunettes, group, Lingerie
Glass Dildo Masturbation at Her House
Nikki 01/25/2019
Nikki is a stone cold freak. She loves putting on a show. Since she made a real porno once, she wants to make sure that her video is the best one we ever shot. It's pretty good...no doubt!

Tags: Anal, apartment, Ass, Big Nipples
College Pub Wet T-Shirt Contest
Wet T-Shirt Contestants 01/22/2019
Our local college pub puts on a wet t-shirt contest in the Fall so we can all find our who the slutty Freshmen are. What a great place we live.

Tags: contest, Dancing, Night Club , Public Nudity
Hot Art Student Gets Naked in Public
Liz 01/18/2019
This girl is a wild child. She loves to do crazy stuff...like get tattoos, enter wet t-shirt contests, and get naked in public! We love girls like this!

Tags: beach, Big Nipples, big tits, Brunettes
Non-Contestant Amateur Girls at Nudes-a-Poppin
Nudes-A-Poppin Contestants 01/15/2019
The best girls at Nudes a Poppin aren't always inside the fence in the competition...They are the amateur girls partying on the campgrounds! We love roaming the park for the hot exhibitionists in the crowd!

Tags: Nudes a Poppin, Public Nudity
Mardi Gras Hotel Room Behind the Scenes
Mardi Gras Flashers 01/11/2019
Mardi Gras always brings a big group of wild girls into our balcony hotel room! This group has big tits, small tits, blondes,nd t brunettes, milfs, aeens! Perfect!

Tags: Behind the Scenes, big tits, Brunettes, Hotel room masturbation
Cute Blonde Exposes Herself and Masturbates
Brianna Blonde Club Girl 01/08/2019
This cutie was at the club next to our fuckpad apartment. We quickly brought her next door for some sexy questions and a hot masturbation scene with a giant pink didlo!

Tags: Behind the Scenes, Blondes, Hotel room masturbation, Night Club
Two Sorority Girls Masturbate Together
Summer & Friend 01/04/2019
This girl wanted to be a model, but she was too shy. She asked to bring her friend. We made the right decision here! After flashing all over town, these 2 super sluts masturbated side by side to end the day!

Tags: Bikini Models, lesbians, masturbate, Public Nudity
Hot Stripper Peeing and Showering
Brittney, Shay Lynn 01/01/2019
Super star stripper Shay Lynn comes to the hacienda on spring break and takes a nice hot shower She strips down exposing her massive fake double D breast. Another super star Brittney is just finishing up her shower. Shay Lynn is not shy she starts finger banging herself from behind as we film up from underneath. She washes off her bathing suit as she tells us about all of the fun things she did during the day.

Tags: body, boobs, Brunettes, Busty
View from our Mardi Gras Balcony
Mardi Gras Flashers 12/28/2018
Nothing beats the view from our Mardi Gras balcony! We throw the BEST beads which makes even shy girls show their tits!

Tags: Hotel room masturbation, Mardi Gras, Public Nudity
Nudes a Poppin Private Show
Nudes-A-Poppin Contestants 12/21/2018
We got a sneak peek at the girls of Nudes a Poppin! These girls gave us all the up close spreads and vertical smiles we could ask for! They ALL wanted to please us and our cameras!

Tags: Nudes a Poppin, Outdoor, Public Nudity, Spread pussy
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