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I love Spring Break.
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Hawaiian Party in a Limo
All I had to do was get five girls to a Hawaiian Party at a local club. Sounds easy doesn't it. There is a saying that goes like this. It was like herding cats. I hired a limo. The girls got dressed at my place and had a couple of smokes to start the evening. We were running late. The limo driver forgot to fill up so I end up with hula girls at the gas station. Now we are on our way but the girls are still putting on their makeup, flashing me, and toking. What could go wrong you ask. Watch the video and find out.

Tags: Blondes, boobs, Brunettes, kissing girls
Cute Girls Going on a Naked Boat Ride Around Tampa Bay
Bobby, Kandi 12/05/2015
Bobby, Kandi, Tina, Lauren, go out for a boat ride and get naked on the bay they have a good old time on spring break here in Florida. This group is in the superstar status range hot enthusiastic, nice tits, sweet asses, pretty faces and willing to get naked got to love it, what more can you ask for in life. Join now to watch some of this naked boat adventure.

Tags: Blondes, body, boobs, Brunettes
Booty Shake Contest
Bobby, Holly 12/02/2015
Epic Booty shake contests are held on spring break. This one in particular was held at the end of the night, in a ghetto club, which was awesome because the let us come in and do what ever we wanted. We brought some of our own girls to the contest but the tome town crowd favored the ghetto booties bouncing for the home team. Which is fine because our girls probably needed a break from all the twerking they were doing during the previous hour at the local college bar wet tee shirt contest.

Tags: Blondes, Brunettes, contest, ebony
Ashley Grace Toy Masturbation with Close-ups
Ashley Grace 11/28/2015
Ashley Grace is one of my favorite what I like to call repeat superstars. Always putting on a good show this time she shows off her sexy body in a lingerie nightie. Working her ass and pussy up in the air for the doggie style position she gets herself all worked up and then works a dildo on her pussy until she cums.

Tags: body, boobs, Brunettes, Lingerie
Lingerie Contest then Half Naked Girls Bull Riding
Bobby, Kandi 11/25/2015
Girls night out on Spring Break the girls go to a country bar to ride the bull. Featuring the sexy twins Holly and Molly, Bobby, Stephanie and many more hot college coeds. Just so happens it is lingerie night and the girls get into a lingerie contest on stage. Complete with some sexy booty shaking in thongs. These girls are incredibly hot especially for a Thursday night. Now you know why I love Spring Break. Join now I am sure you will love Spring Break Life too!

Tags: Blondes, Brunettes, contest, Lingerie
Gasparilla Party Girls Flashing on the Streets of Tampa Florida
Holly, Laikyn 11/21/2015
Holly and Molly the hot twins go to the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion in Downtown Tampa Florida with a few friends the walk around and flash in the streets Laikyn gets into the mix with her nice huge natural boobies, Join these girls on their sexy adventure around town going to house parties and checking out the parade, they earn beads and show off their treasures. Yo ho its a pirate life for me, now time to surrender the booty!

Tags: boobs, Brunettes, Busty, nice
Skinny Chick Dildo Masturbation with Anal and DP
Double penetration is happening with this girl, and my other favorite girl is filming it all on her cam. This skinny chick fucks her ass with a dildo while the other fucks her pussy with another dotted one. The girl seemed to be a little shy at the beginning but once she lied on the bed and started fucking herself she went all comfortable.

Tags: Anal, bedroom masturbation, Brunettes, Dildo
Hot Girl Gets Naked Finger Bangs then Pees in the Shower
Pissy Pussy in the shower she goes. She's one kinky girl who wants to do everything the cameraman tells her to do. With a D sized boobs (Which I guarantee you they're real), she's gonna show you what she's got and make this video a little more interesting. Watch her getting kinky everywhere around the apartment and pissing in the shower.

Tags: bedroom masturbation, big tits, body, boobs
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